Adjusting to school life

I began to run out of class to be alone, which was so much easier and much more fun. I loved to pace up and down for hours on end if I could and in fact, I still do that nearly every day, listening to my iPod. However, back then, if people tried to bring me back into class again I kicked and hit out. I don't remember being diagnosed, but the result was that I got a full time helper to avoid being excluded. Mrs N was amazing. She soon became the person I was closest to at school. She was firm, but very kind and funny, and I miss her a lot. I would never have managed primary school without her.

However, things did slowly change for the better. I was told I would get a Gameboy if I didn't run out of class for the whole six weeks leading up to Christmas. It was really hard to do, and I needed Mrs N every step of the way, but I managed.