Audrey's Story

My name is Audrey McColl. I am 44 years old and live near Crieff in Perthshire. I have a condition called Long QT Syndrome which is a disturbance of the electrical system of the heart and is a type of familial arrhythmia. My interest in Long QT is threefold- as someone who has lost a close relative to the condition, as a carer to two children with the condition and as a patient myself. My story began in 2000 when my 37 year old brother, who appeared to be fit, active and healthy, died suddenly having suffered a cardiac arrhythmia. There was no network at the time and no clear referral pathways for gp’s/cardiologists to follow so he did not receive the specialist help and no screening was offered to the rest of the family after his death.

In 2007 I started to suffer symptoms of fainting and tiredness and thanks to my sharp eyed GP who noticed the prolonged qt interval on a heart taping and had the knowledge to refer me to Dr Choy, a specialist in arrhythmias, the ball was set in motion again.