Beyond the Autistic Plateau - A Parent's Story and Practical help with Autism

This book on autism tells the story of the work carried out by parents of an autistic child from when he was first diagnosed as having autism until leaving school. Not only will it help you realise that you are not alone but offers practical help with many things including speech, communication, play, diet, wearing clothes, spitting, coping with peers and includes details on the techniques used. Contents: Introduction, Birth to sixteen months, Diagnosis, Educating Henry(sixteen months to three years old), Three years to four years, Different educational techniques (four years to six years), Diets, drugs and chemicals, Six to seven, Improvements, Henry's brothers, A mother's view, Twins, Summary of techniques used, Progress report - age eighteen, Appendix: Speech, Games, Songs, Overcoming behavioural problems, Books, Video's Dvd's that helped Henry, Films Portraying autism, Recipes, Websites, Approaches to help autism, Differentiations of professionals, Glossary, Books on autism, Chemical Matters and Index.