Coming back from CAD: How I lived to tell about it

It runs in my family. My mother, grandfather and brother all had heart attacks between ages 49 and 77, so I tried to be proactive about my heart health. I have always been conscious about eating and cooking healthy and managing my weight. I saw my doctor regularly – no cholesterol or blood pressure problems. I took a low-dose statin as a preventive measure and maintained a clean bill of health – or so it seemed.

Then strange symptoms showed up, symptoms I ignored for too long. Fatigue at first, then aching in my upper back, upper chest, neck and jaw. I chocked it up to pinched nerves from marathon sewing sessions, a favorite pastime of mine. Over the next few weeks, my symptoms grew harder to dismiss. With mild dizziness and shortness of breath just going upstairs, it finally dawned on me that things were getting worse, so I called my doctor’s office and spoke to his nurse.