Coronary heart disease

  by Raza Akhtar,    Last updated on June 4, 2018,

Coronary heart disease is a complex multifactorial disorder for which several loci have been identified. CHDS1 represents a locus on chromosome 16pter-p13; CHDS2 (608316), on 2q21.1-q22; CHDS3 (300464), on Xq23-q26; CHDS4 (608318), on 14q32, and CHDS9 (612030) on 8p22. CHDS5 (608901) represents susceptibility associated with single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in the KALRN gene (604605), on 3q13. CHDS6 (614466) is associated with a polymorphism in the promoter region of the MMP3 gene (185250), and CHDS7 (610938) represents susceptibility correlated with a common haplotype in the CD36 gene (173510) and high free fatty acid levels. CHDS8 (611139) is associated with SNP variation on 9p21.