Diagnosis: One family's story

Our journey to getting Dylan diagnosed began just before his 2nd birthday when we noticed his speech wasn’t developing like his peers. I arranged for his health visitor to come and see him, hoping she would say something like ‘I was a pushy parent and he was fine’ but that wasn’t to be! She was only in our house a couple of minutes and a look of concern took over her face, she began asking questions and I immediately realised she thought Dyl was autistic. I was very ignorant to autism then and I didn’t realise there was such a huge spectrum and told her and anyone else that would listen that she was wrong.

I then took him to our GP and was re-assured when she told me ‘not to worry, that he was still very young and to just see how he goes’. Unfortunately I stupidly clung on to the words of the GP for around the next 18 months and refused to listen to or believe anyone else’s concerns over his development. There were times when I did worry and despair but just kept re-assuring myself with what the GP had said.