Jessica's Story: Diagnosed by Chance

In April 2007, I went to the dentist to have my wisdom teeth removed. Shortly before the procedure my oral surgeon noticed that my heart rate was abnormal and suggested that I see my doctor to get it checked. Finally, two months later I went to my primary care physician to follow up on my oral surgeon's suggestion.
My doctor didn't seem too concerned but ordered a 24 hour holter monitor for me, just in case. I wore the monitor over the weekend and didn't expect to hear from my doctor for a couple weeks. The next day driving into work my cell phone rang. It was my doctor telling me that the cardiologist that read the monitor needed to see me immediately. I remember feeling nervous and scared as we walked into the cardiologist's office. There he explained to my husband and I that what he saw on my holter monitor is what makes young people drop dead. I looked over at my husband Jeff, my eyes welling up in tears.