Juliet's Story

My name is Juliet and I have epilepsy – waits for supportive round of applause from others in the help group... No? Oh, ok.
In one of my guises as a stand-up comic, I explain to audiences that I have tonic clonic epilepsy, and that I affectionately refer to my seizures as ‘gin and tonic colonics’ because of how they make me feel afterwards... (there’s some artistic license here – actually I feel incredibly serene after a seizure).

Now I’m certainly no expert on neurology or science, but I have lived with my epilepsy for more than half my life. I say ‘my’ epilepsy as what strikes me is how very personal epilepsy is. Not just in the nature, frequency and severity of seizures, nor even the experience of different medications. For me, the most personal aspect is the relationship with epilepsy itself.