My Journey - Heart Arrhythmia and Ablation`

The first time I can recollect my heart doing something strange was back in 2009. I was sitting at my desk at work when I started to feel unwell. I decided to go home and by the time I got half way home I was struggling to stay awake - whole world seemed to be in slow motion around me. I drove straight to the emergency ward of the private hospital in Ipswich, just before I arrived I started to feel better but was admitted overnight for observation.

The next day I had a stress test but had no further issues and the doctors referred me to my GP. I was fine until early 2011 when I bought a new car. On the way home my stomach felt as though it had butterflies in it and I felt really lightheaded. This would happen for a minute or so then stop, this happened 4-6 times on the way home from the dealership. When I finally got home I was very pale and wringing wet with sweat, I went straight to bed and felt fine the next day. These episodes continued at random over the next year, I went to see a couple of GP’s about it and they diagnosed a stomach disorder and prescribed antacids, these certainly seemed to help so I thought they were on the right track.