My Journey with Breast Cancer

In 2010, I noted a lump in my breast during a self examination. I then had a biopsy in my state Colorado. And, it was cancer. There were several tumors in lymph nodes too that were larger than the lump I had noted in my breast. It was a stage II cancer. Doctors recommended a surgery to clear the margin, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. It was a complete devastating experience as I had just lost my husband due to a heart attack. 

First, I was frightened, hopeless and discouraged and assumed that I would not be able to cope with the disease. Later, gradually, my feelings and thoughts changed and I decided to fight with the fear and the invasion of cancer cells in my body. I went to an army stuff store along with my son to get some war supplies and clothing to wear to remind myself that this was no less than a war I had to fight bravely. No, I started thinking chemotherapy and radiation as my weapons to fight the growing cancer cells.   

When I met my doctor, my oncologist told me that my cancer was very aggressive but she had a solid plan which included mastectomy, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. She insisted that I should begin the treatment without any delay. Her approach was fantastic and I loved her for that. After completion of the treatment, I met a surgeon who specialized in reconstructive surgery. We decided for a procedure in which some tissues from my abdomen would be used to fill the area where my breast used to be.