Our Son’s Journey

In November 2010 we received the diagnosis that our son, almost four years old, was autistic. That’s pretty much all we were told. The Dr was very pleasant but the view was ‘get on with it, there’s nothing that can be done, you might be able to sign up for a support group’.

Fortunately, since the diagnosis was not a surprise, I had started to look for information on autism and found a copy of Sally Kirk’s ‘Hope for the Autism Spectrum’.  This was my accidental introduction to a biomedical approach. I read it avidly since to me it made a lot of sense. Apart from anything else it made me feel empowered – I felt that at least I could do something for my son. It also chimed with my gut feeling. I wasn’t so sure it would make such sense to my husband and indeed that proved to be the case. However he didn’t feel it would do any harm and was tolerant if not convinced.