Working from home

  by Nadeem Ahmed,    Last updated on November 30, -0001,

I have just passed my 47th birthday and can finally say I have success in employment. For me, working from my home computer and interacting with people primarily over the telephone has been the long sought-for solution to my difficulty with getting, and then maintaining, employment. This is despite long years of educational preparation and academic success, which I had expected to be the ticket to a career. After all, isn't that the way the formula works? Not if you have Asperger's! I grew up a peer-rejected and severely bullied child in a working-class suburb of Massachusetts. I was an adopted child and I think everyone around me thought that was why I was so odd. School and other children were incomprehensible to me. I got rebuked and punished by my teachers and my parents for just sitting and staring, being in my own world.