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Comprehensive Information, Resources, and Support on Bone Cyst

A bone cyst is a hole filled with fluid that develops in a bone. They can develop at any age, but mostly bone cysts affect children and young adults. Unicameral bone cysts are the most common of all of them. They can develop anywhere in the body, but mostly affect the upper arm or thigh.

Bone Cyst on Foot or Toe or Ankle

A foot cyst or a toe cyst or an ankle cyst is a benign fluid-filled space that forms inside the bone which is attached to the joint capsules of the foot or the toe or the ankle. These cysts do not have a regular shape or size and they are generally mobile in nature.

The pelvis is the lower part of the body, located between the abdomen and the legs. Cysts can develop in pelvic bones like they develop in other bones of the body. The exact cause of cyst formation in pelvic bones is unknown.There are two main types of pelvic bone cysts –Unicameral bone cyst and Aneurysmal bone cysts.