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What is the Treatment of Cirrhosis ?

There is no cure for cirrhosis and for repairing the scarred tissue due to cirrhosis. Treatments can help prevent further damage to the liver. Changes in lifestyle such as avoiding alcohol and adopting a healthy diet can help significantly. A patient may need surgery in order to get through the complications due to cirrhosis.

The normal functioning of liver is affected by liver cirrhosis. The diagnosis of liver cirrhosis begins with a detailed medical history and identification of any risk factors that make the person susceptible to cirrhosis. Your doctor may ask about symptoms and rule out the possibility of any other problem.

Our liver is an important organ of the body. It is located in the upper right side of abdomen and below the ribs. Liver cirrhosis is severe scarring of liver tissue mainly at the final stages of chronic liver diseases. It is a leading cause of death in worldwide.

Cirrhosis is a chronic condition that is caused mainly by disease or injury to your liver. The process is slow and it takes time to reach severe condition like cirrhosis and cause liver failure. Chronic alcoholism is the main cause of cirrhosis and liver failure all over the world.

The functioning of your liver is affected in cirrhosis. Even if the existing cells are able to make new cells which can function to maintain the basic processes in the liver, the condition is not good. Reduction in the number of liver cells and its capability to produce and break down substances is affected with cirrhosis.

The main function of our liver is to purify the blood, break down toxins and protein production. When the liver is unable to perform these functions due to cirrhosis, various symptoms may appear. The symptoms are not very obvious until the disease is advanced. These symptoms are generally non-specific.

Cirrhosis is the final stage of liver diseases. Chronic liver diseases developing for a long time can develop into fibrosis and cirrhosis. The best way to avoid it is early diagnosis and treatment of your liver disease. A healthy lifestyle is very important. Here are some changes you can adapt to prevent the disease.