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Our medical and healthcare team have a lot to share with you — from diseases, wellness, exercises, fitness, treatment, therapies, quality of life, tips to improve health, and they share it here for audiences.

If you love writing for these topics or want to share your story with others or want to promote yourself as an author or blogger, you’re at the right place.

Sharing and contribution is important in education and awareness. We recognize this and we celebrate the expertise and skills of niche writers and authors. We give them a chance to highlight their stories and content assets by publishing them with us, together educate and bring awareness about the diseases for people worldwide.

Every month we select a cohort of bloggers and authors who have a passion and commit to writing for health and wellness. They get newsletters and social promotions also which improves their authority and author profiles across the industry.


Word limit: Minimum 750 words

Plagiarism: Only original content. We do not support any kind of plagiarism

Images: We need at least 1 high-quality picture that would go along with the article. You take responsibility that images are not copyright protected.

Topics: Only disease, wellness, and health-related articles will be published on our website belonging to the following topics:

  • Cancer
  • Brain diseases
  • Heart diseases
  • Kidney & Urological diseases
  • Eye diseases and disorders
  • Skin problems and diseases
  • Obs/Gynaecology problems
  • GI Tract problems and diseases
  • Bones & Joint diseases
  • Dental problems
  • Health and wellness in general
  • Yoga and exercise
  • Physical Therapy
  • Healthcare technology for overall health improvement

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