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Comprehensive Information, Resources, and Support on Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

Mouth guards are coverings that can be worn over teeth to protect teeth from injury from certain conditions or habits such as teeth grinding and during sports. These are also sometimes called dental guards or teeth guards or night guards (if the objective is to protect teeth from teeth grinding during sleep, in particular).

There is a strong relationship between stress and teeth grinding (Bruxism). According to a report suggested by The Bruxism Association, it has been found that 70% cases of teeth grinding are related to increased stress levels. The stress that leads to teeth grinding can be of any type such as work related stress, financial stress, family stress, or daily life stress. It has been found that people working under a high paced, and stressful environment are at a greater risk of stress induced bruxism.

A person suffering from Bruxism does not have any idea about his condition because it usually happens during the night time and is called nocturnal bruxism or sleep-related bruxism. But, it can happen in day time also when the person is awake in situations that make the person feel tense or anxious.