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Honeymoon nose or honeymoon rhinitis is a kind of nasal allergy or rhinitis that occurs after sexual excitement. It usually resolves on its own. The mechanism as to why it occurs and why it goes away on its own is not known. Several theories are propounded by scientists to explain the phenomenon.

Rhinitis can cause harmful side effects for both mother and baby. You should speak to your doctor if you’re suffering from pregnancy rhinitis (gestational rhinitis). There are some natural ways to find relief from rhinitis in pregnancy.

Hay fever or allergic rhinitis is a common condition having symptoms similar to those of a cold. Common symptoms are sneezing, congestion, runny nose, and sinus pressure. Hay fever usually lasts for weeks or months, unlike a cold, which goes away after a few days.

Allergic rhinitis in children occurs due to an allergic reaction to some allergens, which results in the release of histamine in the body. The released histamine causes swelling, itching, irritation and fluid buildup in the mucous membranes of nose, sinuses and eyelids.