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Exercise for Hemorrhoids

Exercise for hemorrhoids is one of the beneficial remedies to treat hemorrhoids. They maintain and prevent occurrence of hemorrhoids. Yoga and kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic and anal muscles of your body and provide long-term relief.

How Much Time Hemorrhoids Take to Heal?

People who have doubts about their hemorrhoids time to heal often ask this question. The answer to this question differs case to case. Some hemorrhoids (piles) are severe while others are mild. Some are internal and others are external. The duration for which a hemorrhoid will last depends on its condition and the treatment taken by an individual.

Hemorrhoids can be one of the reasons of blood in your stool. Generally, hemorrhoids result in red-bright blood in the stool after bowel movements or blood may be noted on the toilet paper. In very rare cases, bleeding may be massive due to hemorrhoids. Colon cancer can also cause bleeding in GI.

All You Need to Know About Lump Near Anus

A lump or a swelling that is painful and develops suddenly may be caused by many reasons such as an injury or an infection. Sometimes, it is a hemorrhoid (piles). If you are susceptible to the risk factors for hemorrhoids, the anal lump may be due to piles. You should talk to a doctor even if the symptoms are mild.

There are different types of creams and ointments available for application on internal and external haemorrhoids that can help relieve the symptoms. You should always consult your doctor before applying any such ointment on the skin. Some creams may work good for one but for others.