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The presence of supernumerary teeth (extra teeth or Hyperdontia) can interfere in normal occlusal development. These extra teeth should be diagnosed as early as possible, as they are asymptomatic in most cases. Mostly, supernumerary teeth cause esthetic problems. In many cases, they can cause major complications, such as the following.

The prevalence of hyperdontia (extra teeth or supernumerary teeth) is 1- 4% of the world population affecting both males and females in a ratio of 2:1 respectively. In most cases, hyperdontia teeth are limited to a single extra tooth. There have been exceptional cases of over 30 extra teeth in one individual.

Most of these extra teeth develop in the upper arch of teeth called maxilla. In many cases, you do not require any treatment for them. But sometimes, they can cause pain or difficulty in eating etc that may require their treatment. Some people may want to remove them for aesthetic reasons.