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Comprehensive Information, Resources, and Support on Calcium Deficiency (Hypocalcemia)

Hypocalcaemia is a biochemical condition characterized by low levels of calcium in your blood. When it occurs in babies, it is known as neonatal hypocalcaemia. It may occur at different times due to different reasons. Hypocalcaemia is defined based on both gestational and postnatal ages in neonates or infants.

Ionized calcium is the calcium in your body which is free or unbound to serum protein. It is also known as free calcium. Ionized calcium is biologically active and physiologically usable form of calcium. It also regulates the hormones involved in calcium homeostasis such as parathyroid hormone, calcitonin and vitamin D.

Calcium infusion is a treatment option or medical management of acute symptomatic hypocalcaemia given on urgent basis to settle the symptoms and prevent further complications. Hypocalcaemia is a potentially life-threatening biochemical condition which is caused by low levels of calcium in your blood. Calcium is vital for proper functioning of different body organs.