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Diverticulitis Pain: Causes and How to Get Relief From It?

Symptoms of diverticulitis including diverticulitis pain may last from a few hours to several days. The pain occurs in the abdomen, usually in the lower left side of the abdomen, but may occur on the right side also. The pain is sometimes worse with movement. Doctors recommend physical activity and high-fiber diets to prevent diverticulitis.

Treating Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis can be treated with antibiotics and the liquid diet. However, if the condition is chronic, the disease may recur.…

Understanding Symptoms of Diverticulitis

The most common symptom of diverticulitis is pain, which may be constant and persist for many days. Pain is felt in the lower left side of the abdomen, but may occur on the right side also. Other symptoms are nausea and vomiting, fever, and blood from rectum with stool.

Diagnosing Diverticulitis

Your doctor will examine you and collect your medical and family history. Based on your symptoms, you may have one or more tests to rule out other diseases and conditions that could be causing the symptoms. A fiber-rich diet is recommended to prevent constipation and possibly prevent the formation of diverticula.

Causes of Diverticulitis

It’s not clear exactly what causes diverticulitis. Scientists say that bacteria grow in the pouches (called diverticula) that develop in your colon. This leads to inflammation or infection or both. Diverticula form because of high pressure in the wall of the intestine that pushes against weak spots in the wall of large intestine.

An Overview of Diverticulitis

Diverticulosis occurs when pouches (called diverticula) form in the wall of your colon (large intestine). If these pouches get inflamed or infected, the condition is called diverticulitis. It can be very painful. It is not sure what causes diverticulitis. Researchers think that a low-fiber diet may be a major risk factor.