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Other than conventional medical procedures for tightening loose teeth, there are some home remedies which are very helpful for this purpose. The best thing is that they have no side effects and can be done quickly at home. This article provides a list of top home remedies for loose tooth repair.

Loose teeth are very common in children. But loose permanent teeth in adults are a major concern because it may indicate some problems with the bone or ligaments securing the teeth in place. Loose teeth can be slightly loose or persistently loose which may require immediate attention.

A loose tooth is a problem faced by many people. People may experience loose front tooth, loose molars or loose both teeth. One might worry can a loose tooth be saved? Can you fix a loose tooth? Can a loose tooth be fixed? The answer to this question is a simple Yes. Check out how.

Tooth loss (also called edentulism) is a process in which one or more of your teeth come loose and eventually fall out. Tooth loss process is normal for babies, which are replaced by a person’s adult teeth later. If a person is losing teeth for other reasons, it is quite undesirable.