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The page provides quick access to a list of common kidney and urinary system diseases, syndromes, health conditions, and other topics of health importance related to urological and urinary systems. The list is organized alphabetically. Links are provided to respective diseases sections that serve as a comprehensive and ultimate guide about the disease or health condition.

Lifestyle changes have created a huge impact on our excretory system. The incidence of excretory diseases such as kidney stones, hemorrhoids, prostate cancer, and urinary tract infection has increased widely. These diseases put high risk on other organs of the body and can even be life-threatening, in extreme cases. If any part of the excretory system is affected, it results in improper filtration of blood, difficulty to pass urine and inflammation of the urinary tract.

Major urological diseases occur as a result of gastro-intestinal problems such as irritable bowel syndrome or digestion issues. Common lifestyle diseases that are prevalent throughout the world are diabetes and hypertension, which can cause kidney disorders. Researchers indicate hereditary significance as a major cause of kidney and urological disease development.

The most common kidney and urological diseases which are prevalent in men and women include urinary tract infections, kidney stones, bladder control problems, prostate problems, acute kidney injury, kidney cysts and hemorrhoids. It is essential to maintain a healthy diet and consult a doctor if case of any kidney trouble.