Cold Therapy for Hemorrhoids Introduced

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cold therapy for hemorrhoids


A New Invention- CryoSTAT

A new cold therapy is introduced in the market to provide relief from hemorrhoid symptoms. CryoSTAT helps in reducing itching and burning sensation in the hemorrhoidal tissue. It applies the principles of cryotherapy as either an adjunct or as a primary therapy for treatment of hemorrhoid symptoms.

Hemorrhoids have presently affected a large human population, whether men or women, in the United States. If you suffer from mild or severe case of hemorrhoids, your symptoms may be troublesome, affecting your day-to-day activities. The most common symptoms of hemorrhoids include pain, burning, itching and presence of blood in your stool. These symptoms occur due to inflammation and swelling of blood vessels of the anus or rectum region.

Benefits of CryoSTAT

CryoSTAT is an ideal tool for hemorrhoid patients. It can replace the use of ice or cold compress to relieve hemorrhoid symptoms. Following are the advantages of CryoSTAT:

  • It is quite easy to use and it does not create any mess or produce an unpleasant odor.
  • CryoSTAT mainly targets healing of swelling in the hemorrhoid tissue and provide a cooling comfort. This cooling mechanism provides a soothing relief from itching, burning and pain caused due to hemorrhoids.
  • Cold therapy is an ancient therapy which effectively reduces swelling in any part of the body. From a mother who ices her baby's teething gums to a boxer who ices his swollen eye, cold therapy is universally known to relieve discomfort and reduce swelling. But, until now, there was no simple method available for hemorrhoid patients to use this therapy.
  • Dr. Bartley Pickron, a Colon and Rectal Surgeon at the Methodist Hospital & the Woman's Hospital of Texas, in Houston states that cold therapy acts as an analgesia by reducing the blood flow and cellular metabolism of the patient. It also decreases sensory nerve conductivity and sensitivity.
  • Cold therapy leads to local vasoconstriction which helps in reducing tissue swelling and edema.
  • CryoSTAT provides instant, soothing relief without creating any mess, whereas hemorrhoid gels, creams or wipes are quite messy and inconvenient to use.
  • The CryoSTAT instrument is surrounded by a soft, comfortable cloth, which is non-invasive and quite easy to use.

Through a consumer based survey, CryoSTAT was rated as the easiest tool to apply, less messy and provides fastest relief for hemorrhoid symptoms than other available brands. It can be either used alone or along with other hemorrhoid treatments.

Dr. Pickron had suggested the use of CryoSTAT to his patients after an anal surgery. His patients were quite satisfied with the ease of its use and it also provided relief from postoperative pain, which is a major complication of any surgical treatment.

Blood vessels in the anus and rectum can create a problem when they expand and do not contract to its normal orientation naturally. This leads to a condition known as piles (hemorrhoids).

Hemorrhoid symptoms such as blood on the toilet seat, pain and difficult during a bowel movement, may also occur in a patient suffering from colorectal cancer. Therefore, it’s necessary for patients to be evaluated by a physician or colon and rectal disease specialist, if they experience any such symptoms. You should not rely on self-treatment without any proper diagnosis.

Hemorrhoids usually occur as a result of insufficient intake of dietary fiber and inadequate fluid intake by individuals. They may also occur due to diarrhea, constipation, pregnancy or childbirth. There are numerous over-the-counter and prescription remedies available in the market, but many of them could be messy, uncomfortable or difficult to use, and can also have variable side effects.

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