How Much Time Hemorrhoids Take to Heal?

Saima Andrabi   by Saima Andrabi, MS, Clinical Biochemistry    Last updated on April 19, 2021,

Do hemorrhoids go away on their own?

Hemorrhoids do not go away without using any treatment options in most cases. If at all they disappear in case they are very small, there is a chance of their recurring. However, treatment is necessary even if it is a home-based natural treatment or making certain changes in food habits and lifestyle.

How long do hemorrhoids (piles) take to go away?

People who have doubts about their hemorrhoids duration often ask this question. But, the answer to this question may differ from case to case. Some hemorrhoids (piles) are severe while others are not. Some are internal and others are external or prolapsed. The length hemorrhoids lasts depends on the condition and the treatment taken by individual.

how long do hemorrhoids last

The duration of hemorrhoids depends on where you have hemorrhoids and how severe they are. They may last for one or two days or up to a few months.

If the hemorrhoids are small, your symptoms may go away within a few days even if you do not take any treatment. You will have to only make some small changes in your diet and lifestyle such as eat simple food and do not let the stress to develop during bowel movements for reasons such as constipation etc.

However, some hemorrhoids may become so enlarged that they stick out of the anus. These are called prolapsed hemorrhoids. Prolapsed hemorrhoids can take time to heal and may require proper treatment.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy: When do they heal?

Women may develop hemorrhoids during pregnancy because of the elevated pressure in their abdomen. This generally happens in the later stages of pregnancy such as third trimester.

Pregnancy hormones may also cause the veins in the anal canal to swell. If you develop hemorrhoids in pregnancy, these may last until you give birth. However, during this time, you can use natural hemorrhoid treatments.

According to The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, external hemorrhoids usually last from a few days up to a week. It is advisable that people visit their doctor if the symptoms of hemorrhoids don’t go within a few days with natural home-based treatments.

Healing hemorrhoids – first time hemorrhoids and recurring hemorrhoids

Most people generally feel relief after about two weeks. If the condition is mild, you may feel relief in about a week only. But internal hemorrhoids may take up to two months to be completely gone.

If thrombosis or prolapse has occurred, the time taken to heal may be even more.  If you develop hemorrhoids the first time, the healing process will take lesser time, but recurring hemorrhoids will not take much time to heal.

Healing of hemorrhoids with proper treatment

There are treatment options available to help relieve the pain and remove hemorrhoids relatively easily. Easing pain is directed towards the management of swelling and reduction of pressure on the anal canal.

Consulting your physician is recommended for a detailed and more appropriate treatment plan. If the hemorrhoids are large, it is recommend to not rely only on home treatment. It is better to get a prescription from a doctor. You can read about the treatment of hemorrhoids in this article: Treating Hemorrhoids.

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