Missing Front Teeth And Its Replacement

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missing front tooth

Missing front tooth: Is missing front teeth a problem?

Loss of front teeth can be serious and problematic trauma for anyone. An obvious consequence of a missing front tooth would be a gap or a space due to the missing teeth. This gap would be the first thing to get noticed, every time you smile. After passage of time, in some months or even years, the adjacent teeth begin to move towards the space vacated by the missing teeth. It will widen the spaces in between other teeth too.

In addition to the adjacent teeth moving, the teeth at the opposing arch will also start moving towards the opposite space and occupy its space. This causes malocclusion by deviation of alignment of the opposite arch.

Another result of the missing front tooth is a decrease in bone height, which gets prominent when more than one tooth is missing. This results in a decrease in facial support and lip support. Retrusion (to move backward) of your lips may happens which can make you appear older.

Other than these abovementioned problems, missing teeth can also lead to psychological problems. You feel more self-conscious to smile because of the presence of gap and spaces. This can severely affect your confidence and self-esteem.

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Chipped front tooth: What is chipping of front teeth?

The tough, outer covering of your teeth known as enamel is one of the strongest substances in your body. But it is associated with its own limitations. Excessive erosion or a forceful blow can cause your teeth to chip resulting in an irregular sharp, tender and disfiguring tooth called chipped front tooth.

What can cause chipping of your teeth?

A chipped front tooth is a common case of dental emergency. The causes of chipping teeth can be:

  • a blow to the mouth
  • falling down
  • biting on something hard
  • playing contact sports without a mouth guard
  • grinding your teeth when you sleep

What is the treatment of chipping teeth?

Various treatment options for chipped front teeth (or any other teeth) include:

Tooth reattachment

You should keep the tooth fragment that broke off in a glass of milk to keep it moist. The calcium present in the milk will help keep it alive. Tuck it into your gum If you can’t get milk and make it sure that you don’t swallow it. Visit your dentist immediately and he/she will be able to cement the fragment back onto your tooth if done immediately.


In this procedure, a composite resin (plastic) material or porcelain (layers of ceramic) is cemented to the surface of your chipped tooth and shaped to its form. This is called dental cement. To harden and dry out the material, ultraviolet lights are used.

More shaping is done after drying until the material fits your tooth exactly. Bonds usually have an average lifespan of 10 years.

Porcelain veneer

Your dentist will smooth some part of the chipped tooth’s enamel to make room for the veneer before attaching it. Usually, it takes away less than a millimetre of your enamel.

First, your dentist will record an impression of your tooth and will send it to a lab to create the veneer. In the meantime, a temporary veneer can be used. After getting the permanent veneer, it will be bonded to your chipped teeth by your dentist. With the availability of durable materials, these days, the veneer could last about 30 years.

Dental Onlays

Dental onlays are mainly recommended if the chip affects only a small part of your teeth. Your dentist will cast a mould of your tooth and send to a dental lab to create the onlay and once it is received they will fit it on your teeth and cement it. Dental onlays have a lifespan of decades

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My front tooth fell out- What can I do?

Replacement of missing front teeth would be helpful in terms of aesthetic, function, and your physique in case it has fallen off. There are various options available for front teeth replacement.

What are various front tooth replacement options?

Listed below are commonly used missing front teeth replacement and treatment options.

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