Symptoms in Fingers and Hands: How Arthritis Affects Us?

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Arthritis has a great impact on a person suffering from it. It affects his everyday activities, job, financial resources, relationship with family and friends, etc. Daily tasks are harder to perform, distorted joints, etc., are common problems associated with arthritis.

Arthritis is a common complication but is often not well understood. The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis. The term “arthritis” is often referred to as joint pain or joint disease. This disease can be classified into degenerative arthritis, inflammatory arthritis, infectious and metabolic arthritis (depending upon the cause).

What I Felt When Arthritis Triggered?

When we spoke to patients who have arthritis, we realized that most of them suffered from similar symptoms. A patient who was suffering from osteoarthritis in the spine revealed that spine pain felt worst. She explained that she also suffered from inflammation in both the knees, hips, elbows, and shoulder (only one). She said that she observed initial symptoms of arthritis in fingers, on wrists, hips, etc. Another patient with degenerative arthritis in both of her knees said that she suffers from pain all the time, and this pain becomes terrible during winters and rainy season.

Doctors say that the swelling in joints, pain, stiffness, and decreased range of motion are common symptoms associated with arthritis joint symptoms. These symptoms can occur in the hands, feet, hips, spine, shoulder, etc., and can be mild, moderate, or severe. Some patients also felt hard lumps on or in between joints, which was also counted to be a sign of arthritis in their hands. The severity might also depend on the type of arthritis. Doctors refer to pain management programs to the patients in the initial stages.

Another patient shared her experience that most of her fingers remained swollen during arthritis, and she could not bend her wrists. She shares that when her knuckles started swelling, her doctor diagnosed her with osteoarthritis hands. She then thought it would go away with medications, but she realized that it was lifetime trouble for her a few years later. She says she has spent many years trying different medications to boost her immune system and reduce pain.  The patient also shared that she suffered from chronic pain and was unable to perform daily activities. She said that when the severity increased, it became difficult for her to walk or climb stairs.


What are the Causes and Risk Factors of Osteoarthritis?

Arthritis in Thumb Joint

Can I Fight My Pain?

Arthritis is effective in causing joint changes. These changes can be seen as signs of rheumatoid arthritis in hands, feet, hips, etc., such as redness, joint warmth, etc. In a few cases, it is also observed that arthritis can affect the heart, eyes, lungs, kidneys, and skin apart from the joints.

We have examples of patients who disclosed their journey of fighting with arthritis. A 21-year old patient shares that she suffered from stress due to muscle spasms, and later her hands, knees, and feet started becoming swollen and painful. She could not walk and even couldn’t bend her knees, which led to braces on both feet. Despite the pain and intake of hard medicines, she persisted in continuing her daily life like a normal person. She continued her studies, and then she worked with a non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless people.

Doctors recommend exercise, other physical activities, and maintaining a healthy weight as essentials to reduce the risk. Early signs of arthritis in fingers, hands, knees, and feet should not be ignored. Keeping a positive attitude helps in coping up with any disease. Maintaining good posture is most efficient and is felt like the least stressful position as it protects the neck, back, hips, and knees. Poor posture can trigger pain in joints; therefore, it should be avoided.

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