Accurint® for Healthcare: Streamlined Data Solution by LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Accurint® for Healthcare

Accurint® for Healthcare is provided by LexisNexis Risk Solutions and offers a streamlined point-of-need solution to allow them access current information about their patients and providers. The tool empowers healthcare organizations to process claims, prevent fraudulent cases, and ensureoverall regulatory compliance in their organizations.

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LexisNexis Risk Solutions is a leading provider of innovative technologies and information-based analytics for healthcare industries. Its portfolio of brands also serve other sectors such as aviation, financial services, etc. LexisNexis is helping businesses to make better and informed decisions that allows them to reduce their risk and improve their operations globally.

Accurint® for Healthcare

Value Addition by the Accurint® for Healthcare

Accurint® for Healthcare allows organizations equip with powerful tools that helps them manage suspicious claims and verify their healthcare providers to comply with federal regulations seamlessly. It allowscomprehensive access to legal and media records for sanctions verification purpose and also offers an access to SIRIS for collaboration on fraudulent and abuse cases.

Accurint® for Healthcare is a valuable asset for organizations dealing with healthcare operations to improve their efficiency, mitigate risks, ensure overall compliance in healthcare operations. It allows robust features of integration with their systems. Organzations find it as a reliable solution for managing their patient and provider data effectively.

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  • It is a streamlined access system for patient and provider information.
  • The tool helps detect and prevent fraudulent claims and reduce financial losses of healthcare organizations.
  • It helps in compliance with federal regulations such as HIPAA.
  • The tool offers a comprehensive fraud detection mechanism for sanctions verification.
  • It allows access to SIRIS for collaboration on fraudulent cases.


  • Users may require additional training to ensure they utilize the platform's capabilities completely.
  • The cost of this system may be prohibitive for particularly smaller organizations.
  • You might find it slightly difficult and require additional effort when integrating with your existing system.

Sonalika Ghosh
Sonalika Ghosh, MS, Biotechnology

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