CareLogic EHR Platform: Empowering Behavioral Health & Human Services

CareLogic EHR Platform

The CareLogic EHR platform by Qualifacts Systems, Inc. is tailored for enterprise behavioral health and human services organizations. With over two decades of experience, CareLogic offers highly configurable software designed to streamline workflows and processes, enabling optimal care delivery while ensuring operational ease. From intake to billing, CareLogic provides comprehensive support to enhance organizational success and outcomes tracking.

Qualifacts: Behavioral Health EHR Leader

Qualifacts Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of electronic health record (EHR) solutions for behavioral health and human services organizations. With a focus on empowering providers with innovative technology, Qualifacts has been at the forefront of enabling agencies to deliver efficient and effective care to their communities for over two decades.

CareLogic EHR Platform

Value Addition by the Offering

CareLogic stands out in its ability to keep organizations ahead of transformational shifts in the healthcare landscape. By offering highly configurable software, CareLogic empowers providers and administrative teams to adapt workflows as needs evolve, ensuring continued success and growth. Moreover, its outcomes management tools and integrated approach enhance efficiency, productivity, and accuracy, ultimately leading to improved clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

CareLogic EHR Platform

Overall, CareLogic EHR platform offers a comprehensive solution for behavioral health and human services organizations, empowering them to deliver optimal care while staying ahead of industry changes. With its robust features and ongoing support, CareLogic enables providers to focus on what matters most – improving the lives of those they serve.


  • Configurability: CareLogic's self-service capabilities allow teams to configure data collection and customize workflows, maximizing resources and enhancing productivity.
  • Outcomes Management: Integrated outcomes management tools streamline processes, increase accuracy, and provide actionable insights for improved clinical and organizational success.
  • Treatment Planning: CareLogic facilitates efficient and intuitive treatment planning, enabling effective collaboration and ensuring timely updates and reviews.
  • Highly Integrated: Seamless integration with key data-sharing partners enhances patient-centered care, care coordination, and wraparound services.
  • Compliance and Reimbursement: CareLogic keeps organizations ahead of compliance and reimbursement changes, supporting organizational transformation.


  • Learning Curve: Due to its extensive features and configurability, there may be a learning curve for new users to fully leverage the platform's capabilities.
  • Initial Setup: Setting up CareLogic to align with specific organizational workflows and requirements may require time and resources investment upfront.

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