OncoEMR® by Flatiron Health: Empowering Oncologists With Intuitive EMR Software

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OncoEMR® by Flatiron Health is a powerful oncology EMR software tailored for community oncologists. It offers intuitive workflows, customizable templates, and clinical content, enabling care teams to work smarter, not harder.

Flatiron Health: Advancing Cancer Care Through Technology

Flatiron Health, a healthtech company, is dedicated to improving cancer treatment and advancing research. As a pioneer in real-world evidence for oncology, Flatiron provides technology and services supporting patient care and research, partnering with cancer centers, developers, and regulators globally.

OncoEMR® by Flatiron Health

Value Addition by the OncoEMR®

OncoEMR® streamlines oncology practice workflows, enhances patient care, and facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements. It offers user-friendly interfaces, mobile accessibility, integrations with leading tools, embedded clinical content, research solutions, and analytics for operational insights.

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Overall, OncoEMR® by Flatiron Health offers a robust solution for oncologists, empowering them to deliver quality care while navigating the complexities of cancer treatment and research.


  • Intuitive workflows and customizable templates enhance efficiency.
  • Seamless access to patient information via OncoAir™ mobile app.
  • Comprehensive integrations with leading tools and programs.
  • Embedded clinical content from trusted sources.
  • ONC Cures Act certification ensures compliance and data security.
  • Flatiron Insight™ provides customizable analytics for practice management.
  • Personalized implementation and ongoing support.


  • Integration complexities may require additional training.
  • Limited information on specific pricing and scalability options.
Amina Ahmad
Amina Ahmad, MS, Biotechnology

Amina Ahmad is a bio-technologist and aims to deliver a positive contribution in healthcare industry by spreading health awareness in general public. She completed Masters in Technology (Biotechnology) from IMS Engineering College (AKTU). Then, she moved to Jamia Millia Islamia, a technological University in New Delhi, where she worked in the Research Division of Life Sciences Department as a researcher. She was also associated with Advancells, a stem cell company, as a Research Associate and laboratory expert in the past.