Optimize Hospice Care with KanTime’s Comprehensive Management Suite

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KanTime’s Hospice Management Suite stands as a solution for hospice and palliative care agencies. The system offers a comprehensive array of tools to manage compliance and operational efficiencies. You can automate key tasks and empowers your organization to deliver end-of-life care with dignity and precision.

KanTime Incorporated: Revolutionizing Healthcare Technology for Enhanced Patient and Hospice Care

KanTime Inc. is a leading American-based healthcare technology company renowned as the fastest-growing post-acute software provider nationwide. It has got a staggering track record including over 912,000 patients, 210,000 users, and $12.9 billion in processed claims. KanTime is dedicated to improving clinical compliance and operational efficiencies that helps financial success for home health, hospital at home, hospice, pediatric, private duty, and consumer-directed service agencies. It offers cloud-based enterprise software accessible on various devices that provides robust business intelligence tools for informed decision-making process.

KanTime’s Hospice Management Suite

Transforming Hospice Care with The KanTime Advantage

KanTime’s Hospice Management Suite provides hospice and palliative care solutions by providing a seamless end-to-end capability. You can integrate innovative features such as automated business processes, IDT management, auto collection of HIS for HQRP, bereavement and volunteer management by utilizing this tool. It allows simplified billing, and advanced reporting to empower agencies and save their time. It helps in increasing compliance and improved communication for improving the overall quality of care delivered to patients.

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  • It ensures adherence to all regulatory standards by allowing agencies to maintain complete compliance.
  • From point of care to back-office tasks, the system helps simplify processes and results in measurable efficiencies for organizations.
  • Its intuitive design helps easy navigation and documentation input that requires minimal training time for users.
  • Consolidated patient notes for quick and effective IDT meetings helps in improving communication.
  • Direct interfaces with billing clearinghouses enables claims transmission easily with just a push of a single button.
  • Customized bereavement and volunteer management tools provides flexibility to meet agency-specific requirements.
  • It allows accurate management of hospice benefit periods and non-billable services for efficiently managing your billing processes.
  • It helps in preparing comprehensive financial reports for enhanced visibility into revenue cycles and operational performance.


  • While KanTime boasts a user-friendly interface, agencies may need to allocate resources for initial training to fully harness the software's capabilities.
  • Despite its seamless integration capabilities, some agencies may encounter challenges aligning KanTime with existing systems, necessitating additional support and resources.
  • Depending on the agency's size and budget, the initial investment and ongoing subscription fees may require careful financial planning and consideration.
  • While customizable, configuring KanTime to suit specific agency processes may demand time and effort, potentially extending the implementation timeline.

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