Stage 4 Bone Cancer Survival Rate (Stage 4 Prognosis)

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Bone cancer survival rate in Stage 4 (Stage 4 bone cancer prognosis)

Thousands of people are diagnosed with bone cancer annually. Stage 4 bone cancer means that the malignancy has reached the advanced stage and the cancer cells have spread to other parts of the body. This is almost the end of the bone cancer stages.

The prognosis of stage 4 bone cancer is not easily predicted but the symptoms can be summarized as below:

  • Different sizes of tumors can be seen (some are five centimeters in size)
  • Cancer cells have affected the lymph nodes
  • Cancer has spread to other organs (secondary cancer)
  • Severe pain and swelling in the bones and joints that restricts the movement
  • Susceptibility to fever, sweating, weight loss, weakness and fractures

Is it possible to cure stage 4 bone cancer?

In stage IV bone cancer, the tumor may be any size and may have spread into the lymph nodes. The cancer may be categorized as stage IVA or IVB. In stage IVA, the cancer has also spread to the one or both the lungs. Stage IVB bone cancer indicates that the cancer has entered into the lymph nodes or the tumor is of any size and grade and has spread to another organ other than the lung.

Cancer at this stage can’t often be cured. The objective of treatment is to reduce pain and improve the quality of life of a patient.

What factors influence the chances of my recovery from stage 4 bone cancer?

Chances of recovery from stage 4 bone cancer depend on the following:

  • The overall health of the patient
  • Age of the patient
  • Hereditary and genetic factors
  • Mental stability of the patient
  • Nature of the cancer
  • How much cancer has spread
  • How much can be removed by surgery
  • How much can be killed by radiotherapy
  • How much can be killed by chemotherapy

It can be said that stage 4 bone cancer prognosis depends on the nature of cancer and the severity (the extent it has spread to other organs in the body). A patient experiences intense pain, swelling in bones and bone joints and fractures which restrict the mobility of the patient. Other factors like genes, race and sex seem to have a bearing on survival chances.

Stage 4 bone cancer life expectancy

About 15 percent cases of bone cancer are diagnosed at stage 4 and bone cancer prognosis indicate nearly 32 percent survival rate at this stage.

According to statistics from American Cancer Society,

But in recent times, the prognosis of stage 4 bone cancer has improved significantly. And this improvement is because of the development of modern chemotherapy and various new drugs that fight cancer. These have increased the life expectancy of the stage 4 bone cancer.

The new advancements in the treatment attempt to shrink tumors with the help of chemotherapy and well-directed radiotherapy and subsequent surgery. Bone grafts and metal implants are the methods that have helped many patients to have a better quality of life.

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