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What are Hemorrhoids?

Bhavna Singh   by Bhavna Singh, MS, Biotechnology    Last updated on October 2, 2019,

Overview of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are vascular structures present in the anal canal. In normal condition, hemorrhoids work as cushions that help in bowel control.

At times, the walls of these blood vessels stretch in a way that veins bulge out. This happens especially during the bowel movement. When these veins present in anus and rectum get inflamed and swollen, they cause a disease called as piles (or hemorrhoids). The term “hemorrhoids” may be misleading sometimes.


what are hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids are quite common worldwide. About 50-60% of the world's population has hemorrhoids at some point in time in their lives. Men and women are affected equally with this condition.

Often people between the age group of 45-65 years are affected. Sometimes there is no noticeable symptom but most of the time they cause discomfort, itching and bleeding.

What causes hemorrhoids?

The exact cause of hemorrhoids is still unknown but a number of factors contribute to it. The common reasons for developing hemorrhoids are persistent constipation, diarrhea and sitting in the toilet for a long time. Read more about diagnosis of hemorrhoids.

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