What makes pericarditis worse?

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what makes pericarditis worse?

Pericarditis makes the sac covering the heart (pericardium) inflamed and swollen followed by severe chest pain. There are many factors that can worsen the situation if not controlled at the suitable time. Such factors include:


Stress can affect any organ system. A high amount of stress is capable of producing symptoms that are caused by different disorders.

Stress also worsens many situations which are already present in the body. Pericarditis is one of them. During the course of the disease, if the patient is under stress, the intensity of the symptoms can increase. And it becomes difficult for the healthcare professional to decide the type of treatment to be given considering the fact that the patient is suffering from an inflamed pericardium along with a psychological condition.

In cases of extreme stress, the antibodies of the patient body react in order to protect the body from stress. The reaction may cause inflammation.

Excessive exercise

Exercise helps the body to increase catabolic reactions which can break down protein, carbohydrates, and fatty acids to release energy and help maintain high performance. Inflammatory conditions like pericarditis also increase the body's demand for energy. Thus, continued exercise with pericarditis give rise to muscle wasting and deconditioning. This delays the healing process and also increases the risk of symptoms worsening.

Excessive alcohol consumption

It is always advised to limit the intake of alcohol if you are suffering from pericarditis. In fact, alcohol poses a danger to various other conditions. Alcohol worsens the symptoms and also decreases the immunity of the body.


Smoking is responsible for various types of heart, lungs and blood vessel diseases. It is also known to worsen the condition of a pericarditis patient as it increases the inflammation.

Saturated fats and sugars

Saturated fats and sugars can increase inflammation of the pericardium. They are also responsible for weakening the immune system which makes it difficult to treat pericarditis. Saturated fats and sugars are even considered as the worst food for the heart.

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